On Campus lectures

Dr. Adam Csank -Environmental sensitivity of trees killed during insect outbreaks in south-central Alaska revealed by tree-ring isotope chronologies

News Paper articles: Note must do some in depth digging into the whole story 0.5 points for both

Rush for Arctic Resources Series 1
Rush for Arctic Resources Series 2


The Nature of Things (CBC)

Tipping Points (The Weather Channel)

Tipping Points (The Weather Channel)

On-Line Videos

The Nature of Things
-Geologic Journy
-Arctic Meltdown
-When North goes South
-Others upon approval

PBS Frontline "The Climate of Doubt"
You are welcome to use any other videos you find that you think may relate to this class upon approval by Dr. Csank

In the Library


-Tipping point the age of the oil sands
-Design e2
-Global Warming the Sights & the Science
-An Inconvienent Truth
-The Great Warming
-e2 energy
-Water under fire
-Climate Change I
-Climate Change II
-Planet Earth

VHS -Origin of the Solar System
-Warning from the Ice
-What's up with the weather?
-The Earth Scientists
-On the edge of destruction
-The living planet